Southern Steep: Brewing Stronger Community

Justine for Mayor!

Episode Summary

A powerful woman with a vision, while wearing many hats, Justine Ingram is making an impact in the South. Justine joins hosts Torrian and Nicole for a conversation on housing, the importance of investing in Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming (TGNC) communities, future plans, and her recent big news! Southern Charm: My Sistah’s House My Sistah’s House is a trans/non-binary lead nonprofit based in Memphis, Tennessee, providing: Emergency shelter, access to sexual health services, social services, survival kits, and hot meals to people experiencing homelessness regardless of race, color, sexuality, gender, or any other group. My Sistah’s House is currently working on building 20 tiny homes.

Episode Notes

To learn more about My Sistah’s House, visit To support My Sistah's House, visit