Southern Steep: Brewing Stronger Community

A Louisiana Special

Episode Summary

In this episode, Isaiah and Nicole speak with S. Mandisa Moore-O'Neal, Executive Director of the Center for HIV Law and Policy (CHLP), a national research and advocacy organization. Mandisa shares more about her background and what brought her to this work, her and CHLPs investment in the South, and provides an overview of the state of HIV criminalization in the southern region. As an added bonus-- Isaiah and Mandisa bond over both being Louisianans, creating another Louisianan connection for Isaiah. To learn more about the Center for HIV Law and Policy, visit Keeping with the Louisiana theme, this episode's Southern Charm highlights TIDAL NOLA. TIDAL: Transgender Inclusive Development Advocacy and Learning, is based in New Orleans and are a trans-led collective of community members, healthcare providers, students and educators in the Gulf South, united in their commitment to trans-liberation through equitable healthcare and healing. To learn more about TIDAL NOLA, visit